Water – Now Closer, Cleaner
Before: Haraj village before L&T's intervention
After: Water at the village doorstep after L&T's intervention
Water – Now Closer, Cleaner
Only a few months ago, the women in Vanader village, Kumbhalgarh district, Rajasthan walked several kilometres, several times a day, to fetch water in vessels carried on their heads, to meet the minimal water requirements of their families. In another village not so far away, Haraj women risked their lives daily, climbing up and down a very steep stairway leading to the depths of an old village well. Water potablity too was a concern, posing several health hazards.
Today, both villages have water storage and potable water supply systems built by L&T. At Vanadar, a water-storage tank was constructed by the Company. The water supply lines were laid from the tank to five stand posts, each supplying clean drinking water to 20 families utilising the contribution of   18000 raised by the community.
The tank draws water from the water source and each stand post has a tap catering to a cluster of families. The water is treated before supply. At Haraj, a similar system was commissioned with a storage tank drawing water from the old well. Women no longer have to risk their lives daily.
In both the villages, women have been instrumental in the execution of the system. Women's self-help groups are trained to maintain these water treatment and management systems, including regular cleaning of the tanks.
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