Environmental Performance
We believe that effective waste management is a vital contributor to the protection of the environment and we are committed to reducing and efficiently managing our waste footprint. Our waste management practices ensure responsible waste disposal at our manufacturing facilities, project sites and offices. We have also set up measures to eliminate or contain any spills.
Canteen waste is reused in bio gas plant or organic waste converters at the following L&T Campuses: Ahmednagar, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hazira, Knowledge City (Vadodara) Leadership Development Academy (Lonavala), Mahape, Mysore, and Powai. The Bio-gas is used in the canteen for cooking purpose and the manure is utilised for horticulture.
We Put Waste to Work
Eco-friendly concrete? That's what you get when you recycle concrete instead of discarding it. At its thermal power project site in Rajasthan, L&T Power recycles waste concrete cubes for casting 'precast slabs' – which have many applications: walkways, material stacking, internal approach roads, and more. This initiative eliminates wastage and meets the need for structure without added environmental impact.
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