People Performance
Seven-Step Leadership Development Process
1 Management Education
Programme (MEP)
An exclusive collaborative programme between L&T and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, aimed to groom young leaders in holistic management.
2 Leadership Development
Programme (LDP)
Designed for middle management, it focuses on the overall development of high performing executives to enable them to assume leadership responsibilities.
3 Global Leadership Development
Programme (GLDP)
Customised and presented by the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business, the programme focuses on competition in the global context and facilitates leadership skills.
4 Transforming L&T into a Global Corporation
In association with INSEAD business school, this programme is designed for top management executives. The programme covers strategic topics including mergers and acquisitions, risk management and leadership attitudes from a global perspective.
5 Global CEOs Programme
Conducted by Professors from Harvard Business School, it is aimed at leaders handpicked for future roles such as CEOs, Business Heads, Board Members and Business Leaders.
6 International Executive
Enterprise Leaders are nominated for Advanced Management Programmes offered by select, globally renowned business schools like London Business School, INSEAD, etc.
7 Mentoring
A systematic, internal mentoring process is put in place, where the Group Executive Chairman personally mentors a few Senior Executives through regular interaction.
The Leadership Development Academy (LDA) has been recognised by Symbiosis International University as a 'Research Centre' which enables L&T-ites to pursue their Ph.D. Programmes.
Feedback Fuels Leadership
To sustain a company far into the future, it is essential to groom leaders from within the organisation. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering designed a First Level Leadership Programme (FLP) to bridge the gaps in the leadership capability of its young managers and equip high performers with the managerial and leadership skills to build a strong leadership pipeline.
Constructive feedback plays a positive role in shaping an individual's future. That is why FLP 360 is provisioned to get feedback from everyone in a young manager's corporate environment: seniors, peers, mentors, friends, subordinates, et al. Respondents complete a survey, designed around the competencies of a participant. Holding up a mirror to the young manager; this helps him or her to build professional strengths for the Company's growth.
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