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24,000 villages
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We believe it is essential for corporates to minimize the environment, health, safety and social impacts of their products throughout lifecycle stages, while maximizing economic benefits. L&T is focused on implementing its projects with minimal EHS impact though an integrated business process that identifies, manages and minimises risks in these areas. The Company provides a Green products & services portfolio, which helps its clients to improve their environment footprint and move towards a low carbon economy mode. At all our units and project sites, environment preservation and providing a healthy and safe work environment is given prime importance.
Green Portfolio
In 2015-16, the contribution of our green portfolio to overall sales was 25.94%, an increase of 49.83% over the previous year.
Patent and IPRs
L&T's Electrical & Automation business filed application for 114 patents, 12 trademarks, 37 designs and 1 copyright in India, 2 foreign patent applications in Europe and China in 2015-16. This was the 9th consecutive year of filing more than 100 patent applications.
Ultrasonic Testing Augments Productivity
Phased Array Ultra sound Testing (PAUT) has replaced conventional Radiography Testing to enhance the quality and precision of L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering's deliverables. PAUT is widely used for nondestructive testing (NDT) to detect discontinuities i.e. cracks or flaws in objects manufactured from metals.
Elimination of radiation hazards   |   Eliminates downtime   |   Improved Probability of Detection (POD)   |   Improved Precision Flaw characterization / depth determination   |   Real-time results   |   Highly productive – speeds up inspection
PAUT technology is 160% more productive in comparison to radiography.
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