People Performance
Total Workforce
Return-to-work Retention rate
3.6 million
Total Training Hours
34% reduction
in Severity Rate W.R.T 2011-12
We empower people to build a newer and brighter future, by providing exciting opportunities and a sense of ownership. We combine potential with professional skills to create a culture of trust, care and growth. Our employee engagement & employee satisfaction framework is aimed at giving our employees a platform to increase their involvement and efforts, thereby taking the company to greater heights. The engagement framework is built on the organisation’s core values, which contribute towards making the company a great place to work at.
The Company is a merit-based organisation and embraces diversity in race, nationality, religion, caste, age, physical-ability, and religion. The annual compensation review is an important part of any employee’s calendar, and we strive to make it a transparent and engaging process. There had been no cases of discrimination in the reporting year. L&T believes in diversity and equal career opportunities for all. The remuneration ratio of male to female is 1:1.
Our Workforce
Workforce 2015-16
L&T (excluding L&T
L&T Infotech 18,279
Total Full Time
Employees (a)
Full Term Contract
Workers (b)
Total Workforce (a+b)
Average Training Hours (Training Hours per Employee)
Gender-wise Training Hours Grade-wise Training Hours 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
Covenanted 16 13 17
Executive 21 20 18
Supervisors 26 12 16.5
Unionized 43 11 10
PGT/GET/DET/SST 480 480 480
Total Training Hours
3.6 Million
New Hires
New Employees Who Joined in 2015-16
Male 9,930
Female 1,986
Below 30 years 8,518
Between 30-50 years 3,227
Above 50 years 171
Unionised 2
Employee Turnover
Turnover in 2015-16
Male 10,116
Female 1,515
Below 30 years 6,550
Between 30-50 years 4,597
Above 50 years 484
Unionised 131
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