More Power From the Sun
Solar Tracking Mechanism – an innovative technology maximises electricity output
India's single largest solar tracker plant with a capacity of 60MWp in Tamil Nadu, 2016, constructed by L&T.
More Power From the Sun
Solar Tracking Mechanism– an innovative technology maximises electricity output
How can you get more solar power? Simple! Just follow the sun!
Bringing this innovative idea to life, L&T's Power Transmission and Distribution – Solar business added a new dimension to solar power generation. It designed and developed a solar tracker which generates more power from solar modules by tracking the sun's path. The enhanced collection of solar radiation on the panels, helped maximise power production.
L&T's horizontal single-axis solar tracker, designed in-house, moves 1200 solar panels mounted on 30 rows using a single gear drive housed in the middle. The movement is synchronized with precision of ± 1° even in desert winds. This technology evolved during the last 5 years. L&T constructed India's largest Vertical Single Axis Tracker plant in 2011. In 2015, L&T designed the Horizontal Single Axis Tracker.
The benefits of this technology are multifold: enhanced solar energy production, sustainable use of land and other resources, reduced CO2 emissions and more affordable solar energy.
Maximises capture of solar radiation on the solar PV panel, producing power more efficiently than the conventional fixed tilt systems
Energy produced by the solar power plant increases by 15-35% by employing different tracking mechanisms, depending on the geography
Filed two patents on solar tracking technology
Constructed India's single largest solar tracker plant (60MWp) in Tamil Nadu in 2016
Only EPC player in India to execute solar tracker using both Solar PV and CSP technology
L&T is India's only EPC player to execute solar trackers using Solar PV & CSP technology. L&T is India's first company with a portfolio of approx. 140MWp solar tracker projects.
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