Sustainability Approach
In Harmony With NAPCC
Larsen & Toubro's climate change, energy efficiency and renewable energy programmes are aligned with the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC), released by the Prime Minister's office, Government of India in 2008. The Company's programmes are being aligned to the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) ratified by the Government of India during the COP 21 – Paris Agreement.
Mission 1: Solar
Solar business provides a single-point EPC turnkey solution for solar PV-related projects.
L&T has executed solar projects across all terrains (sandy, rocky, etc.) and all technologies (Thin Film Frameless and Framed, Crystalline, Tracker, etc.) and is a channel partner with Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.
Key Projects
Installed solar capacity of 567 MW till date for clients.
Executed two 60 MWp tracker-based solar PV plants and the largest solar tracker system at Panaiyur village, Tamil Nadu, within a span of 8 months.
18 L&T establishments are generating onsite solar energy for campus usage.
Mission 2: Enhanced Energy Efficiency
Through focused energy conservation projects, more than 74.5 million units of energy saved, avoiding over 60,872 tons of CO2 emissions at our establishments in the last eight years.
Ahmednagar, Hazira, Kancheepuram, Pithampur and Pondicherry Campuses have implemented ISO 50001:2000 (Energy Management Systems).
Over 20 certified energy auditors are working at various L&T campuses and project sites.
The Electrical & Automation business helps its customers to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint through its products and services.
L&T’s Control & Automation business has an Automation Training Centre at Navi Mumbai which offers an ‘Integrated Automation Training Course’ for fresh graduates.
Mission 3: Sustainable Habitat
L&T has 17 Green Buildings within its campuses including one green factory at Vadodara .
L&T Infotech Technology Centre - 1, at Powai campus is the latest addition to our Green Buildings.
L&T's USGBC & IGBC rated Green Buildings: 6 Platinum, 6 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Certified.
L&T has constructed more than 49.1 Million sq.ft. of certified green space for its clients. Additional 8.84 million sq.ft. of green space is under various stages of construction.
Mission 4: Water
28 L&T campuses continue to be zero wastewater discharge establishments.
Three more campuses achieved ‘Water Positive’ status, taking the tally to 8 campuses.
12.20% reduction in water consumption intensity (measured in m3/employee) w.r.t 2011-12.
200 check dams built by L&T Public Charitable Trust continue to collect over 1200 million litres of water for the tribal communities in Maharashtra.
Integrated Community Development (ICD) Projects in Maharashtra, Rajasthan & Tamil Nadu have built more than 80 million litres of water storage facilities at water stressed locations.
Over 20 million people in India have benefited from L&T’s water infrastructure projects.
With a track record of constructing over 51,000 km of water and wastewater pipeline networks and more than 4,000 MLD of water, wastewater and effluent treatment plants, L&T is India’s largest water infrastructure organisation.
Mission 5: Strengthening the Himalayan Ecosystem
L&T continues to undertake large-scale tree plantation in and around projects being executed in Himalayan regions.
In addition, skill building programmes are conducted for the local youth to enhance their employability during the project execution phases.
Health Camps / medical camps are periodically conducted as a part of community engagement programmes at project sites in this region.
Mission 6: Green India
Campuses have more than 35% of the available open area is under green cover.
More than 1,50,000 trees are nurtured at L&T campuses.
In 2015-16, L&T planted more than 0.3 million trees, taking the tally to 1.5 million trees in the last five years.
The Company monitors the number of trees planted across campuses and project sites through a tree inventory portal.
Guests are felicitated either by planting a tree or by presenting a Tree Certificate instead of a floral bouquet at key campuses.
Tree plantation and maintenance is a part of ‘Integrated Community Development (ICD)’ project's overall plan, across adopted villages in Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.
Mission 7: Sustainable Agriculture
Through 200 check dams constructed by the L&T Public Charitable Trust, tribal farmers in Talasari block near Mumbai can grow two crops instead of one, along with vegetable cultivation.
The Water & Effluent Treatment (WET) business provides turnkey solutions in lift irrigation and canal rehabilitation.
The Electrical & Automation (E&A) business offers a wide range of products and solutions for electricity distribution and control in the agriculture sector.
The E&A business conducts training programmes for farmers in the use of motor starters and pump controllers which are widely used in agricultural fields across India.
Solar pumps are provided by E&A business to enable farmers to reduce their dependency on conventional pumps.
The ICD project focuses on increasing availability of water for agriculture at water-stressed locations.
L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering provides turnkey EPC solutions for the fertiliser sector.
The Heavy Engineering business is the preferred supplier for equipment to fertiliser plants in India.
Mission 8: Strategic knowledge on Climate Change
The Company actively participates in institutional and industrial forums and employees attend various capacity building programmes on climate change and green initiatives.
Many in-house functional and technical capacity-building programmes on sustainability and climate change are conducted, including:
1. CII - GBC certified programme on energy efficiency and climate change.
2. Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioners (CSAP) programmes.
3. Preparatory programmes for the Energy Auditor and Energy Manager examination conducted by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).
4. Training programme on the GreenCo rating system for Companies.
5. Green Building rating programme.
6. GRI – G4 reporting framework.
Prayag (the induction programme for new employees) covers sustainable development and climate change topics along with EHS and Human Rights.
L&T’s case study on energy and climate change was showcased at the India Pavilion as ‘Energy Efficiency & Climate Leaders’ at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP 21).
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