A Green Campus – Now Greener!
Microgrid makes maximum impact
L&T has installed a Renewable Energy Microgrid at its Chennai Campus integrating solar PV cells, micro-wind turbines, and a bio gas plant along with Li-ion battery for energy storage.
A Green Campus – Now Greener!
Microgrid makes maximum impact
Spread over 27 verdant acres at Chennai, L&T's Construction Headquarters was virtually a sustainability model – with three U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) certified green buildings, a grid-connected solar rooftop PV system producing over 600,000 units per annum, solar street lighting, and a vast tree cover. Apart from this, the facility consumes about 13 MWH (of the 20 MWH) annually generated by the wind farm L&T set up in Tamil Nadu.
And then we went the extra, greener, mile. We installed a renewable energy microgrid system. It integrates solar photo-voltaic cells, micro-wind turbines, and a biogas plant and a Li-ion battery for energy storage. The micro-grid system was created by our Solar business team, an industry leader in renewable energy in India. The system maintains power security and overall protection through complete control and monitoring of energy resources, storage and loads. Optimising energy use, it improves energy efficiency through smart decision-making.
Full-fledged pilot renewable energy micro-grid commissioned
Significant reduction in diesel consumption in DG sets
Advanced load management by prioritisation of loads
Advanced storage technology enables energy time shift and regulates frequency, seamless integration of various renewable energy sources
Won Earth Care Award 2015 for 'Excellence in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation'
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