Environmental Performance
Performance Review
Energy Conservation
More than 76 million units (kWh) of energy saved avoiding over 60,916 tons of CO2 emissions at our establishments, cumulatively in last eight years.
Renewable Energy
18.2 million units (kWh) of renewable energy used in campuses, contributing to more than 5% of our electrical energy mix.
GHG Emissions       
25.13% decrease in Scope 1 Specific Green House Gas (GHG) emission intensity as compared to 2011-12.
Water Efficiency       
8 campuses are water positive and 28 campuses continue to maintain 'Zero waste-water discharge' status.
Material Management
22,317 Tons of steel and 470 Tons of zinc recycled during last five years; 6 tons of Aluminum has also been recycled by our Shipbuilding business, this year.
Green Buildings       
L&T Infotech's Technology Centre (TC1) Building was converted into a LEED certified Green Building this year.
L&T now has 17 Green Buildings including 1 Green Factory within its campuses, amounting to 2.3 million sq. ft of certified green building space at campuses.
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