Product Stewardship
Customer Health, Safety & Privacy
The health and safety of our customers is of prime importance and we ensure that safety aspects are considered at every step of the project, from design to commissioning. We provide operational and maintenance manuals and conduct training for our customers' employees to minimize the risks of our product or process-related health and safety issues.
International practices and standards are followed at all times and all our products are provided with adequate labelling, including product information and possible hazards. Noincidents of non-compliance were reported with respect to regulatory and voluntary codes concerning the health, safety and labelling aspects related to any of our products or projects during the year. There were no complaints regarding breach of customer data or privacy in the FY 2015-16.
Concrete Solution to Water Efficiency
Construction projects require copious amounts of water, so efficient water use is a priority area. At NTPC Lara site, L&T Power initiated waste water recycling. Water used for cleaning of the boom placer and batching plant is collected after being cleared in a Transit Mixer, passed through a net or mesh for removal of big particles like stone chips etc, then transferred to a settling tank and used for curing and sprinkling on the road to suppress dust.
When waste (sludge) fills ¼ of the settling tank, it used for road repair. Helmets, gumboots and hand gloves (rubber or polythene) keep users safe from splashes during waste-handling.
Recycling waste water for curing and sprinkling on road for dust suppression saves 960,000 litres of water annually.
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