“Machines must be there, products must be there, ...but most importantly, people must be there” - Henning Holck-Larsen
With these words, Henning Holck-Larsen set L&T down the path of sustainability, long before the term was even coined. His vision is our polestar, guiding practices across the organization - with an eye on the future, but driven by the heart.
Over the years, L&T has developed an ethos that is deeply rooted in the welfare of its stakeholders, the country and the planet at large – while enhancing productivity and growth through technology leadership.
From delivering strength for peace to helping create global energy security; from exploring new frontiers, to powering smart cities, L&T is building the foundation for a better future... for all.
A.M. Naik
I am happy to present L&T's 9th Sustainability Report. The 2016 report reaffirms our dedication to our triple bottomline. Moreover, it describes the several initiatives that the Company has implemented in line with India's ratification of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. These efforts will help to mitigate the adverse impact of the country's industrial operations on the environment and thus contribute to lowering of the rate of global warming...
S.N. Subrahmanyan
The world is fast going digital and is throwing up huge opportunities for companies like ours...
R. Shankar Raman
With growing emphasis on climate change and long-term sustainability, our long-standing...
S.N. Roy
Challenges emanating from our operations notwithstanding, we have made it a point...
M.V. Satish
The Indian infrastructure scenario offers great potential for growth owing to schemes such...
D.K. Sen
Technological advances are being accompanied by a growing awareness of the importance of...
Subramanian Sarma
The Hydrocarbon sector has been passing through a very volatile and challenging phase...
S.C. Bhargava
The Indian economy is among the fastest growing in the world, but the sluggishness...
Sanjay Jalona
At L&T Infotech, we follow a unique approach to Corporate Social Responsibility...
Dr. Hasit Joshipura
Sustainability and Climate Change is a key subject matter of discussion across...
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